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WEEK 2 PDF Print
Written by Mark D   
Saturday, 05 September 2009

8_and_9_balls.pngThe stats for week 2 are now in, and the figures will be loaded in shortly.  After only 2 weeks of play, the 8-Ball league is sorting itself out nicely.  There are only 3 teams out of 34 that remain unbeaten and untied.  9-Ball is still sorting itself out, as the unbeaten will be squaring off against each other.  250 people have played in the 8-Ball already, and that number will undoubtedly grow.

There have been a few issues that have come up already this season that warrant a comment to avoid confusion:

Four player minimum per team:  The league has always been clear and firm on this.  There are no exceptions.  While we allow the team captains a lot of leeway with the rules, this rule cannot be changed because we do not want team captains put on the spot.  In 8-Ball, only 2 players are neccessary to make it to the halfway mark of a match, with each playing twice.  A 3rd player can play in games 5 and 6, which means that a short-handed team has until game 7 to come up with a 4th player.  In 9-Ball, 3 players are needed to get the match underway, and the 4th player has until game 7 before he has to play twice.

Teams that show up at an away game with only 3 people on the night will receive a forfeit in the standings.  The match can (and should) be played anyway, but the result will be a forfeit.  If it is played, I will NOT debit the 500 Baht from their deposit money. 

Players changing teams:  The Procedural rules clearly state that "Once a player plays for a given team, he is not allowed to play for another team WITHOUT THE APPROVAL OF THE COMMITTEE.  That approval is usually given, so long as there is no duplicity or "stealing" of other teams players by the overly competitive.  If someone feels the need to switch teams....please ask.  Playing under an assumed name or simply changing without asking will eventually be brought to my attention, and it is much simpler to deal with it fairly before than after the fact.

Last, but not least, I wil ask once again for people to please GET ME THE FORMS (8-Ball) and FINAL SCORE (9-Ball).  The league is getting too large for me to run around trying to scrounge up the 8-Ball forms, but I cannot do the standings without them.  In 9-Ball, all that is needed is a simple SMS.


Written by Mark D   
Tuesday, 01 September 2009

We just added a new category to the site menu (upper left) entitled "Special Offers."  I periodically get approached by people in the league regarding offers they would like me to pass along.   It is an opportunity for them to pick up business, and for those that use this website to avail themselves of discount opportunities not readily available elsewhere.

I just made the first post, so please have a look.   It will give you an idea of what we are trying to do.  It is not intended to be a form of advertising, but rather a way of helping the people associated with the league to connect.

If anyone is interested in adding to this section, please contact me either by phone or by E-mail.