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Written by Mark D   
Friday, 29 May 2009

Most of the scores for week 13 are in, and the site has been updated despite a few missing results.  While many races are set, there are a few that will not be decided until next week.  A few playoff games are likely to sort things out between some teams with identical records.


Trophies will be awarded at the Singles Tournaments.  The venue will be The Ball In Hand in Sukhumvit, Soi 4.  The 8-Ball Singles Tournament will be on Saturday, June 13th, and the 9-Ball Tournament will be on Saturday, June 20th.  The league is expected to start up again in mid-August.



Parties:  There are 3 parties going on this saturday, and I thought I would pass the information along to anyone looking for some festivity.


Olive Oyl:  Nick and Ying are celebrating the 3rd anniversary of Olive Oyl.  There will be a free food buffet, and all are welcome.


Moonshine:  Mitch and Wassana will be celebrating the 6th anniversary of the bar.  There will be a free food buffet, music, and all are invited.


Metro Bar:  Henning will be celebrating his Birthday at Metro Bar.  The party starts at 8:00.  There will be a free food buffet and free pool.





Red Division:  Despite the first blemish on their record at the hands of Hillary Bar last week, The Players will once again be the Divisional Champion.  Oasis 1 has a lock on the runner-up trophy.


Blue Division:  Oasis 2A has already clinched the Championship.  The Runner-up Trophy is between Old Other Office and newcomer Jersey Pub.


Green Division:  Week 14 will sort out both 1st and 2nd place in this division.  Sport 22, with 18 points, is in control.  They will be playing their 1st home game on their new table in their re-modeled bar on Monday, and the opponent will be Jack's Hideaway team.  It will no doubt be a fitting end to their seasons.  The Pickled Liver, 16 points, will be pulling for Hideaway, while trying to take care of business at home against Bully Pub.  Legends, 15 points, will be playing host to Flaming Moe's and pulling for Bully Pub.



Tan Division:  The battle here is still between Cho Cho Bar B and Sports Corner B.  Cho Cho Bar B has 20 points, but will be playing an interdivisional match next week.  Sports Corner B, 17 points, has 2 matches left





Red Division:  Players, at 10-1 is uncatchable for the title.  Oasis 1, 9-3, has 2nd place sewn up. 


Blue Division:   Corner Bar, 10-1, locked up the Championship in week 13.  Det 5, 7-3, is in the drivers seat for 2nd place and only needs to win 1 in their 2 remaining games to avoid a playoff with Hideaway Jack, 7-5.  Corner Bar will be hosting Det 5 in week 14 in a match that will see Corner Bar attempt to avenge their only loss this season.  A win by Sport 22 could also bring them into contention for 2nd.


Green Division:   This division has been tight all season, and a playoff now seems inevitible.  Powelly's will be hosting Flaming Moe's on wednesday.  Both teams are 7-4, and the winner will be headed into a playoff with Moonshine.  Moonshine played at Popeyes last week in a great match that just had to go to 21-20.  My kudos to the Popeye side for a great night.  


Tan Division:   The Silver Dollar, 8-4, has the lead at the moment, but they have an interdivisional next week.  On's Place, 7-4, can force a playoff with a draw if they win in week 14. The Sports Corner, 6-4, can make it a 3some if they win both of their remaining games.

Written by Mark D   
Friday, 22 May 2009

With 2 weeks left in the Spring season, a surprising number of races are still alive in both 8-Ball and 9-Ball. The next two weeks should produce some interesting late-season drama. 

I will hold off until tomorrow (Saturday) to update the site in the hope that some of the missing scores and scoresheets will appear.




Red Division:  

Players (17 points) is enjoying a 3 point lead, but it is not over yet.  They have to survive a visit from Hillary bar (11 points) in week 13, who put the first blemish in their record.  Oasis 1 (14 points) plays host to  Pool 13 (11 points) in week 13.  If Oasis 1 wins and The Players lose, they will have to pull for Pool 13 the following week in their home  match against Players to force a playoff.  Hillary Bar and Pool 13 are both still alive for 2nd place.


Blue Division: 

Oasis 2A (17 points) has sewn up the Championship already, but pride will be on the line when they face 3rd place Old Other Office in week 13 and 2nd place Jersey Pub in week 14.  2nd place is still wide open, with Jersey Pub (11 points), Old Other Office (10 points), Roadhouse (10 points), Moonshine (9-points), and Sports Corner A (8-points)  still in contention.


Green Division:

Sports 22 (18 points) has already secured at least a tie for the Championship.  They have only one remaining match, though, and it is with nemesis Hideaway.  The role of "spoiler" will undoubtedly put a smile on Jack's face, as well as that of the local Jaegermeister distributor.  The Pickled Liver (14 points) could force a playoff if Sport 22 falters and they can win their remaining 2 games.  Legends (13 points), formerly Harrys bar, is sitting just behind, and could take 2nd if The Pickled Liver does not take care of business.


Tan Division:

Cho Cho Bar B (18 points) is sitting on the lead at the moment, but only has 1 match left.  Sports Corner B (17 points) has 2 matches left.  If they can win both, they will win the division.   The 2 have been neck and neck since the start of the season, and will both receive trophies.





Red Division:

The Players (10-0) has an un-catchable lead for the division title.   Oasis 1 (8-3) with one match left, and Pool 13 (6-4) with 2 matches left, will be vying for 2nd place.


Blue Division:

Corner Bar (9-1) has a nice lead with 2 matches left, but Det 5 (6-3), with 3 matches left, can still tie them and force a playoff.  The two will go head-to-head in week 14, in a match that could decide things, but Det 5 will still need some help from Crystal Lounge in week 13.  Hideaway Jack (7-4) and Sport 22 (6-4) are still in the running for 2nd place, and will keep the pressure on Det 5 for 2nd place. Corner Bar was pushed to the limit last week by Sport 22, but regrouped when they were down 19-17 to win 4 in a row.  It should not get any easier for them.


Green Division:

This division has been tight all season, and it would appear that a playoff is likely.  Moonshine (7-4) only has 1 match left, while Popeyes, Flaming Moe's and Powelly's, all at 6-4, have 2 left.  If all four could win out, it would be a 4 way tie for the Championship.  Not possible, though.  Moonshine visits Popeyes in week 13, and Flaming Moe's visits Powelly's in Week 14.  The winners of those 2 matches look to be playoff bound, unless Salute and/or Butterfly play "spoiler".  Most of the matches have been really close.  Moonshine had to pull off a 21-20 home win against Flaming Moe's last week to force the issue, and it is unlikely to get any easier for any of the 4 teams vying for the title.


Tan Division:

Silver Dollar (7-4) is currently in front, but On's Place (6-4)  beat them last week to open things up a bit.  Olive Oyl (5-5) and Sports Corner (5-4) are still alive for the title, while Sports bar (4-5) and The Sportsman (4-5) are still alive for 2nd.



Written by Mark D   
Saturday, 16 May 2009

There was a committee meeting this past Sunday to finalize certain issues.  Please make a note.


THE SINGLES TOURNAMENTS:  The date for the season-ending 8-Ball Singles Tournament will be Saturday, June 13th.  The 9-Ball season-ending Singles Tournament will be the following week, Saturday, June 20th.  The venue will be The Ball In Hand on Soi 4. 


TROPHIES:  The divisional winners in both 8-Ball and 9-Ball will receive Championship trophies.  The 2nd place teams in all divisions will receive Runner-Up trophies.  In the event of a tie at the end of the season for either 1st or 2nd place, a playoff will be held for the teams involved.  It will be at a neutral venue agreed to by both team captains. I will contact those involved, and make the arrangements.


The FALL SEASON:  This season will end with the 9-Ball Singles Tournament on June 20th.  The next season is expected to begin in mid to late August.  I will begin contacting prospective participants in late July. The format(s) for the fall season will be determined by public opinion.  A questionaire will be handed out at the singles tournaments, asking all who attend to state their preferences.  If anyone has any other "issue" that they would like included in the questionaire, please let me know.





Red Division:  Players(13 points) continues to enjoy a 3 point lead over the field.   Pool 13(10 points), Oasis 1(10 points), Hillary Bar(9-points) and Cho Cho Bar A(9-points) are in a fight for 2nd, with an outside shot still alive for 1st.


Blue Division:  Oasis 2(13 points) has been leading the pack most of the season, and remains in control.  Old Other Office(10 points, Sports Corner A(8 points) and Moonshine(8-points) are just behind.


Green Division:  Sport 22(14 points) is still in the lead, but Harry's Bar(13 points), newly renamed Legends,  and Pickled Liver(12 points) are still hanging in.  This division may come down to the week 12 match between Sport 22 and Legends, with the loser possibly finishing 3rd.


Tan Division:   Sports Corner B and Cho Cho Bar B, both at 15 points, are well ahead of the field.  Unless one falters in the remaining weeks, a playoff seems to be in their future.




Red Division:  Players, at 9-0, appears to be headed for yet another title.  Oasis 2 upset Oasis 1 last week, creating a good fight for 2nd with Oasis 1(7-3) and Pool 13(6-4).  Hillary Bar(4-5) is out of contention for 1st, but may well prove the spoiler.


Blue Division:  Hideaway Jack's upset of sport 22 last week put Corner Bar(8-1) in the drivers seat.  Hideaway Jack(6-4), Sport 22(6-3) and Det 5(6-3) will have 3 weeks left to sort out 2nd place.


Green Division:  Moonshine(6-4), Popeyes(6-4) Flaming Moe's(6-3) and Powelly's(5-4) are still very much alive for the championship in a division that has proved to be competitively close and impossible to call.  The Champion is unlikely to be detrmined before week 14.


Tan Division:  Silver Dollar(7-3) currently enjoys the lead over Olive Oyl and On's Place, both at 5-4, and Sports Corner(5-3).  It's not over yet, though, as Larry's Dive, now playing as The Sportsman, will likely have a say in who wins.

Written by Mark D   
Saturday, 09 May 2009

There are just 4 weeks left before the season ends.  The league governing committee will be meeting this Sunday to come up with a fitting ending to the season.  On the table for discussion will be how to deal with deciders for teams that are tied after week 14, dates for the season-ending singles tournaments, rule changes, trophies, dates and new teams for the fall season, etc.  All are welcome to attend, voice your opinion, and bring up any issues that you feel should be addressed.  The venue will be Oasis 2 on Soi 13, and the time will be 6:00 PM on Sunday, May 10th.


I am still missing some of the scoresheets and match results, which makes re-capping the standings a bit difficult.  Please try to get them to me as soon as possible.  Nonetheless:




Red Division:  The Players still enjoys a 3 point lead over Pool 13 and Oasis 1, but has 4 matches left against teams that will be looking to pull off the upset.


Blue Division:  Oasis 2 A has a comfortable 3 point lead, but The Old Other Office, Moonshine, and Sports Corner A are still fighting for 2nd.  An upset is still possible.


Green Division:  Sport 22 (14) and Harry's (Newly renamed Legends Sports) Bar(13) are now joined by The Pickled Liver (12) to make it a 3-way race for the championship.


Tan Division:  Sports Corner B and Cho Cho Bar B are still in a dead heat for the title at 15.




Red Division:  Players still remains undefeated at 8-0, and is in the drivers seat.  The "Undefeated" record will still have to undergo some strong challenges, though.


Blue Division:  The Corner bar (7-1) has taken command at the moment in a tight race.  Sport 22 is just behind at 6-2.  Det 5 is still in it at 5-3, with a make-up game left to play and wins against the 2 leaders.


Green Division:  This entire division is still undecided, with everyone knocking each other off every week.  Popeyes is currently on top at 6-3, with Powelly's and Moosnhine just behind at 5-4.  Flaming Moe's lost the lead only because they played an interdivisional match last week, but are still there at 5-3 (with an extra game to play).


Tan Division:  Larry's Dive came alive last week and pulled off the upset of division leader Silver Dollar.  They may prove the spoiler in a tight race between Silver Dollar (6-3), Sports Corner (5-2), On's Place (5-3) and Olive Oyl (5-4).



Written by Mark D   
Friday, 01 May 2009

With 5 weeks remaining in the season, the divisional standings are starting to shape up.  As there will be no playoffs, the next 5 weeks will sort things out.  Championship trophies will be awarded to first place teams, and runner-up trophies will be awarded to 2nd place teams.  There are still some close races, so the next 5 weeks should provide some good drama.




Red Division:  Despite falling from the ranks of the undeafeated, The Players has a comfortable 4 point lead over the field.  2nd place is still very much up for grabs.  Pool 13 and Cho Cho Bar A are currently tied for 2nd with 9 points, but Hillary Bar and Oasis 1, tied at 8, each have an extra game, having already played their interdivisional matches.  Cho Cho Bar A has apparrently reverted back to playing their heterosexual players, though I have not seen the medical certificates.  Metro Bar (5 points) is starting to show signs of a resurgence, and Bush Garden (2 points) is enjoying their first season in the league.


Blue Division:  Oasis 2A and The Old Other Office are in a dogfight for 1st place with 11 and 10 points respectively.  Their first match was postponed, so their fate will likely be decided by the 2 head-to-head matches left to play.  Moonshine (8 points) gave Oasis 2A all it could in week 9, but was unable to make up ground by pulling off a draw.  Sports Corner A, Jersey Pub, and Roadhouse are all tied at 6.  Target (5 points) pulled off a great upset at Oasis 2A, but has a lot of ground to make up.


Green Division:   Harry's Bar (13 points) and Sport 22 (12 points) seem to be heading for a ahowdown, though Sport 22 will have an extra game to play.  Bully Pub and The Pickled Liver are lurking just behind at 8 points, and are still in the hunt, and could easily pull the spoiler.  Flaming Moe's, Hideaway, and newcomer Crystal Lounge are all tied at 3 points, and are no doubt out recruiting players for next season.


Tan Division:  The Championship seems to be in the hands of Sports Corner B (14 points) and Cho Cho Bar B (13 points).  Butterfly Bar and Salute are currently in a tie for 3rd with 9 points, and have a lot of ground to make up.  Oasis 2B (4 points), On's Place (3 poinys) and Sports Bar (2 points) round out the field.




Red Division:   The Players, still undefeated in 9-Ball at 7-0, is in command.  It is not all over, though.  Oasis 1 at 6-2, and Pool 13 at 5-3, are still in it.  Both will be hoping that Hillary Bar, in 4th place at 3-5 can pull off the spoiler, as they did in 8-Ball.  Players record includes 2 wins at 21-20, and 1 each at 17, 18, and 19, so the rest of the field is hanging tough.  Sports Academy is tied with Hillary Bar  at 3-5.  Oasis 2A has been in contention at or near the end of almost every match, but has lost with 17, 18, 19. and 20.  They won't go away, despite the record.


Blue Division:  Sport 22 is currently in front with a 6-1 record.  Corner Bar, at 5-1, will be playing a make-up game tonight(friday) to try to even things out.  Win or lose, these two seem destined to fight it out for the Championship.  Hideaway Jack fell to Bully Pub in week 9, placing them a distant 3rd at 4-4.  Det 5 had a postponement in week 9, and are 4-3.  A win could put them back into contention.  Bully Pub, Crystal Lounge and Crazy Hot have a lot of ground to make up.


Green Division:  This division is still wide open, as all of the teams seem to be playing competitively close.  Flaming Moe's and Popeyes are currently tied for first at 5-3.  Moonshine and Powelly's are both right behind at 4-4, after Powelly's came away with a great 21-20 win in week 8.   Butterfly, at 4-3, pulled off the upset of frontrunner Flaming Moe's in week 9 and opened things up.  Hideaway Black at 3-5, and Salute at 2-5 will have to rely on help to move up.


Tan Division:   Olive Oyl seems to have come alive this season.  With no Wooken spoon to compete for this season, their players seems to have found new purpose.  Silver Dollar is in 1st place at 6-2, but 2nd place Olive Oyl, at 5-2, still has a make-up game to play.  On's Place is in 3rd place at 4-3, and is still in the hunt.  The Green Room is in 4th place at 3-5.  The Sports Corner is at 3-2, but has 2 make-up games to play.  If they win both, they will in contention.  The Sports Bar is in 6th at 2-5.  Larry's Dive is in last place at 1-5, but the team has re-located to the new Sportsman in Washington Square and should get a talent boost.