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Bangkok Pool League
Written by Mark D   
Sunday, 23 June 2013

The stats through week 12 are now up. As always please let me know if there are any inaccuracies.


There have been a number of changes involving the league schedule. I will continue to contact those teams involved each week, but please be advised that:



Bar 4 is now playing as and at Bangkokney. It is essentially the same team, but the home venue has changed.

Oasis is now closed, but opted to continue playing in the league using The Sportsman as their home venue.

iDARTS has dropped out of the league and has been replaced by Crossed Pistons. As iDart dropped out at the halfway point, Crossed Pistons will inherit their record going foreward.




Players A (Gold division) and Players B (Silver division) have dropped out of the league. They dropped out at the halway mark, and their records will remain as they currently are. Those teams scheduled to play against Players A and Players B each week in the back half will receive forfeit wins but will not have games to play.

Oasis (Red Division) has dropped out of the league. I was able to replace them with Mulligans for a few weeks, but Mulligans has now also dropped out. For those with losses to Mulligans, the records have been adjusted to reflect Forfeit wins against Oasis. This will continue for the balance of the season. Whoever is scheduled to play against Oasis in 9-Ball will get a forfeit win each week, but also not have a game to play that week.

The Game (Yellow division) and Top Secret (Green division) dropped out early, and I have been arranging friendlies between the teams scheduled to play against them. That will continue. The games can and should be played, but both sides will get forfeit wins.

iDARTS has dropped out of the league. They will be replaced by Christina's, who will simply inherit iDarts record because their exit was also at the halfway point.


Asia Expat Pool Challenge:

All the information about the event is listed in the site menu on the upper left side. I am updating the information as the event draws nearer. If anyone is interested, the onus is on them to let me know. Roughly 32 people have already committed to the trip, so we are gauranteed to have a solid team representing Bangkok. More are coming for the party than to actually play, which should make for a great trip.

Bangkok Pool League
Written by Yut   
Saturday, 15 June 2013
The stats through week 11 have now been loaded into the standings.
Bangkok Pool League
Written by Mark D   
Saturday, 18 May 2013

The stats through week 7 have now been applied. I was able to appropriate some of the missing results, but there are still some that are outstanding. There are also matches that have been postponed. Please make an effort to get the 8-Ball scoresheets to me by friday of each week so the website can be updated for the weekend. The same goes for the 9-Ball results, though that can be easily done by text message.


There have been a few league changes, and I will contact the teams involved each week prior to their match. The Changes are:


8-BALL- Bar 4 is now playing it's matches out of Bangkokney Bar. Bangkokney Bar is about a 2 minute walk from Bar 4. Continue down Soi 4 until it intersects with Soi 6 on the left side of the street. Bangkokney Bar is next to Jersey Pub and Swan. Oasis Bar is now closed, but their team is going to play out the remainder of the season using Sportsman as it's home.


9-BALL- The Oasis team in the Red Division is no longer playing, and has been replaced in the schedule by Mulligans on Sukhumvit, Soi 11 on the right side. The Oasis Trendee will continue out the season playing their home games at The Sportsman. The Game and Top Secret are no longer playing in the 9-Ball league. I am matching up whoever is supposed to play The Game with whoever is supposed to play against Top Secret each week in a Friendly, with both sides receiving forfeit wins.



The details for the Asia Expat Pool Challenge have been agreed upon by the 6 cities involved. All of the information is now here on the website. On the upper left side, under Site menu, there is a new category entitled Asia Expat Pool Challenge. All of the details are there, and I will make any necessary changes as they occur.



Bangkok Pool League
Written by Mark D   
Monday, 13 May 2013

The stats through week 6 are now on the site. The points for the players regarding the Players Standings are now bug free, and will appear starting next week. Please let me know if there are any mistakes or names that need to be changed.


I was in Jakarta last week meeting with my counterparts in Jakarta, Shanghai, Singapore and Manila to iron out the details for this years Asia Expat Pool Challenge. I will be at the Sportsman on Tuesday at 6:00 PM to explain all of the details and answer any questions people might have about the event. If anyone has any interest in going, or simply knowing about the event, please stop by.

Bangkok Pool League
Written by Mark D   
Friday, 26 April 2013

I am leaving for Jakarta today, but forwarded the results that I've gotten so far to my webmaster so that the website standings would be as current as possible. They should appear later today.


I am still doing everything manually, so please let me know of there are any errors. Most are a pretty easy fix.


I will be meeting in Jakarta with my counterparts from Jakarta, Singapore, Manila, Shanghai, and possibly Kuala Lumpur and/or Ho Chi Minh. We will work out all of the details for the upcoming Asia Expat Pool Challeng, which will be held in Jakarta in September. When I return, I will hold a meeting to announce all of the details. I will also post the information here.


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