Bangkok Pool League
Written by Mark D   
Monday, 08 April 2013

The standings through week 2 have now been updated. My workbook is still not ready, so the standings have been done the old fashioned way. If anyone sees a typo or transpositional error, please let me know. I added a new column for "Missing games" to let people know that I am either missing their result or waiting for the game to be played.


The stats through week 2 are interesting:

8-BALL- There are only 7 undefeated and 7 winless teams out of the 36 that are playing. There seems to be good parity within the divisions.

9-BALL- There are 9 teams at 2-0, 11 teams at 0-2, and 16 at 1-1 (not accounting for a few games that need to be made up).


Of note is the fact that 8-Ball and 9-Ball are obviously different games. There are several teams that are off to a great start in one, but not the other, with roughly the same people playing.


Please be reminded that there are no matches scheduled for next weel due to Songkran.

Bangkok Pool League
Written by Mark D   
Monday, 01 April 2013

The 2013 season of the Bangkok Pool League is now off and running. Week 1 went down pretty much as it usually does. There were a few minor glitches, but more went right than wrong.


The stats are now up on the site. The workbook I use is not ready yet, but I was able to do the team standings manually. The individual stats are not there yet, as it is just too cumbersome a task to do that way. They are being recorded, though, and will appear once the workbook is ready.


In a repeat of last season, we lost 2 9-Ball teams in week one. Unless replacements magically appear, the 2 teams involved will receive forfeit losses each week, and the teams they are scheduled to play against will instead play a friendly against each other, with both being awarded a forfeit win. As it involves all of the teams in a given division, it is fair to all. I will notify the teams involved each week.


Please be reminded that I need the 8-Ball scoresheets each week to record the results. Knowing the final score is nice, but I have to enter each match individually, by game, to record them. 8-Ball is played on Mondays, and I can update the standings in time for the week-end if I have them by Friday afternoons. They can be E-mailed to me, sent via text message, or dropped off at Hideaway Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 22 or The Sportsman on Sukhumvit Soi 13. All I need to know for the Wednesday night 9-Ball games is the final score, which can easily be done via text message after the match. I have everyone's number on my phone, so a simple "We won 21-17" is all I need.


Please also remember that we play for 2 more weeks before we break for a week for Songkran. Those wanting to stay dry can get out of town, stay in, or travel home, and those wanting to revel in the action will be free to enjoy themselves without water-logging any league venues.


Asia Expat Pool Challenge: I will be in Jakarta on April 26th for a week to meet with my counterparts from Jakarta, Shanghai, Singapore, Manila, Shanghai and (possibly) either Ho Chi Minh City or Kuala Lumpur to iron out the details on The challenge match that will be played in Jakarta in September. Once it is done, I will hold a meeting to advise anyone interested about the specifics. It promises to be a great event.

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Bangkok Pool League
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Monday, 01 April 2013

Get over to for all the latest team news

Bangkok Pool League
Written by Mark D   
Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Singles Tournament to start the 2013 season of The Bangkok Pool League was held yersterday at The Ball In Hand. I think most, if not all, who attended enjoyed the day. It was designed to be both a competitive tournament and a social event, and I think we pulled it off.


We kept the draw open until the first round of play was finished, and 121 people played, leaving only 7 byes into the 2nd round. By the time of the trophy presentation at 6:00 PM, 189 people had made it through the door. The league provided 62 bottles of liquor that were given away as door prizes, and the participting bars added another 39, bringing the total up to 101.


The food provided by the Game consisted of only 3 dishes, but there were sufficient quantities to feed a very hungry and appreciative group of people. The food was great, and all of the comments made to me were quite positive.


There were some really great matches played. The last 4 standing were Kenny (Old Other Office), Bob (Durty Nelly's), Mao (System), and Nick (Sportsman B). All four are solid players who have been playing in the league for several years and are consistantly near the top of the statistics. Mao beat Nick for 3rd place on the day. Kenny and Bob were both on the hill when Kenny made a tough pot on the 8 to win the event. It was a refreshing change to award the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies to individuals who were not affiliated with the leagues traditional power elite.


Neil did a great job handling the microphone, and this is the first tournament in memory where I still have a voice the day after. Thanks also to David for giving me some help with the registration. Tor, Tee, & company did a great job handling the draw, which ran very smoothely. Chanya (Sport Corner) also did a great job of letting everyone know what tables they were playing at, as well as assisting me in other areas of the event. The Ball In Hand, and Henning, proved up to the task of managing and coordinating an event of this size. Kudos to all who assisted, which includes a pretty sizeable crowd who came to enjoy themselves...and did.


All in all, it was a good event.


Most of the schedules should now be in the hands of the Captains, contacts, venue managers, etc who will be responsible for having their teams ready for the start of league play on March 25th. I will have the next 8 days to make sure everyone is ready to begin play, so it should be pretty easy. If anyone wants a copy sent to them via E-mail, just let me know. The same goes for any other issues i can assist on regarding this season.

Bangkok Pool League
Written by Mark D   
Thursday, 14 March 2013
The 72 teams required to fill the schedule (36 8-Ball teams and 36 9-Ball teams) are now all in place, and we are ready to start the season (barring an unexpected twist). Copies of the Schedules, playing rules, scoresheets, contact list, etc. have been compiled into booklets that I will hand out to team Captains at the Singles Tournament. If neccessary, I can get deliver them to the various venues during the 9 days between the Singles Tournament and the start of play. I will speak briefly about the league at the event, and 1 on 1 with anyone who has any questions or comments. I will be at the Singles Tournament all day for that purpose. Please make every effort to attend. The trophies for last year will be given out, so those receiving one should try to attend. This may well be the last Bangkok Pool League Singles Tournament.
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